Reduction of Global Warming

Two projects are under consideration:

The type 1 system is organic based on photosynthesis. It is a microcontroller based ecosystem that will grow plants. The amount of carbon sequestered can be measured by the amount of organic material produced. These results will be published in a web-based cloud database that will also show an aggregate of all operating Carbon Block ecosystems. The system includes solar cells and energy storage that ensure maximum conversion of CO2. The microcontroller will determine the best use of solar light received and conserve energy or use grow day extension through LED lights. The microcontroller will spend most of the time in low power sleep mode and only wake periodically to check if specific process actions are required, for example, run pumps or aeration and transmit any data to the cloud.

The type 2 system will be designed to deploy on non-arable land thus allowing carbon offsets on areas where plants or trees cannot grow. The plan is to use replicating nano-technology to convert CO2 into oxygen without the presence of water.

Systems will be 100% open source. All software and process development will be openly published. Hardware and software platforms will be commercially available. Anyone can follow the published plans and build a square foot sequestering system. It will also be available in kit form or as a complete working system. System deployment is a public service to reduce CO2 and not necessarily comimercially profitable.

Hydrocarbons will need to be further processed to convert to a form that will not easily be broken back down to CO2. This will be a third project. The advantage of the type 2 system is the carbon would be converted to an inert form.

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