Sequestering Carbon Dioxide

There’s a new initiative to fix global warming and you can be part of the solution. Not some vague carbon offset project that is seeking funding but something you can buy and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the world. One square foot at a time. The solution is a sequestering system that only uses solar energy and sequesters carbon dioxide in measurable and publishable quantities. You’ll be able to contribute to CO2 reduction worldwide and be able to view the progress online and your contribution.

The first device prototype is completed and was on display at the Toronto Maker Festival July 9&10, 2016. It is a closed loop aquaponics system to grow fish and plants. The fish waste provides fertilizer. The plants sit in a tray which gets watered periodically using an Arduino controller. The whole system is “off the grid” using a solar panel charge batteries that power the system. The Arduino makes sure the batteries stay charged and can put on supplemental grow lights after the sun sets.

The second device is a solar dehydrator that will allow the storage of organics to prevent their return to CO2.

Dream the improbable.

Blog of the progress so far: