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Solar Back Pedalling

I said a few times on the weekend at the Maker Festival that the $17 cheap solar panel worked as well as $80 worth of more expensive panels. The cheap panel worked fine in the window of a 7th floor condo where there is a direct view of the western horizon and gets about 7 hours of direct sun. It doesn’t perform so well if it’s facing a┬átree covered backyard of a townhouse that only gets about 3 hours of direct sunlight. I’ve plugged both panels in now to try to get the batteries back up to their normal levels.


Makerfest Powerpoint

Click below to download the Powerpoint slide deck from the show

aquaponics maskerfest show

Thanks so much to the Science Nerd for writing a comment that we were the best thing at the Fest. Apologies for those looking for my contact info. I realised later it was buried under sponsors so I added an About tab to this site. Oh BTW I also added Aquaponics information under Links.