Monthly Archives: March 2016

Arduino Boot Loading / Data Log

Tech stuff. It took me a couple days to realize that the parallel port loading for Arduino is really obsolete. It happened to be the first article I found on bootloading. While I happened to have an old XP computer with an actual parallel port, not only did it not work but the whole method is archaic even while it’s still contained in the Arduino IDE. The proper current method is:  which I likely didn’t pay enough attention to since it wasn’t on the official Arduino website. Using this circuit I can not only boot load up my 10 extra ATMega328 processors but I can use the Arduino as ISP function with my Nano for programming while still running my Uno for data logging.

Currently investigating battery charging circuits and how frequent I can pump water versus saving power, especially on cloudy days. This is what my trend logger app looks:

daily cycle torontoYou can see how the battery depletes until the sunrises the next day. It’s interesting watching the sun rise and the solar panel voltage count up. Sunrise by the numbers.