Firmware done

The firmware for Carbon Block V1.0 is done for the aquaponics tank. Development on the Arduino Uno went pretty fast. When you plug it in, it shows up as a COM port which I use in many of my industrial projects. It has a software time of day clock that I need for data logging. It can save the value to flash memory if required. I’m using low power mode so it only wakes every 8 seconds also if any command comes in on the serial port. The remote program allows parameters to be changed. The remote program is in Visual Basic now but planned to be Arduino via Bluetooth later. Using it you can set the water pump frequency, read any of the analog inputs which will tell you battery voltage and solar panel voltage (that is how much light the plants are getting) and water temperature. For plant and decoration lights, I have 5 Parallax WS2812B RGB modules. Remotely they can be turned on and changed to any colour. Conveniently, the software for the Adafruit NeoPixels worked fine with these and I can physically arrange them around the tank to light the plants evenly.


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