Low Power

One of the most important things for the solar powered project is low power consumption. There is so much information on the Internet on milliamp consumption of micro-controllers while running and sleep mode. I had selected the STM8S as a low powered controller but after a couple days of trying to get sample code to run, I looked at Arduino again. My original reason for not going Arduino was it seemed you needed to mod the board to get real low power mode. However it seems that people looking for low power use a barebones Arduino and only add what they need. Also the code base of Arduino is large and mature. Implementation of what I want seems quite simple compared to the STM8S examples which  provide many timing and sleep options but I worry about putting the processor to sleep and it going unresponsive because the interrupt is not properly enabled. Theoretically this should not happen with modern development tools however I’ve seen many robotics controllers needing to be put back to factory power up condition because of bad code.

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