Monthly Archives: December 2015

Paris Accord

With the Paris accord ratified, experts wonder if consumption reduction will allow us to reach the temperature rise targets. It seems strange that the only solution put forward for more carbon sinks is to plant more trees.

Elsewhere aviation experts dread the potential new drones in the air as obstacles. It’s estimated that there are one million drones being given as Christmas gifts this year. Imagine if that was one million square feet of carbon sequestering.


Why Carbon Block?

As my usual mindset, a play on words. Sun block prevents sunburn, carbon block prevents global warming by sequestering carbon dioxide. It’s also a derivative of carbon black. The ultimate machine would be a nano-process that could convert solar energy into carbon, theoretically a carbon block or tower if the process could run forever. This would essentially be photosynthesis without water and deployable in non-arable areas.